About Us

The Association of Independent Broadcast Media of Kosovo represents the interests of leading commercial broadcasters in Kosovo. Our role is to protect and to promote the interests of the Kosovo’s private broadcasters.

We engage with the institutions to achieve a balanced and appropriate regulatory framework which will encourage further investment and growth in our sector.

AMPEK is committed to creating an adequate legal framework for the independent media and is always engaged in the development and implementation of the application of laws concerning media, as a first step towards the establishment of equal broadcasting opportunities and freedom of media.

The AMPEK member companies produce, promote and distribute content and services for the benefit of their audience.

AMPEK is the only organization in Kosovo representing broadcast media sector furthermore is the only organization that represents Serb broadcast media (including the media from the North of Kosovo) in front of relevant authorities.

AMPEK works to promote and protect sustainable commercial broadcasting sector that has an important role to play in the Kosovo’s economy, society and culture.