The Association of Independent Electronic Media of Kosovo (AMPEK) is a non-governmental organization dedicated to promoting media freedom and diversity in Kosovo. It was founded in August 2001 by 19 owners, managers and directors of independent electronic media of Kosovo. AMPEK is made for and of users of the new media industry, where members can strengthen their skills, expand their networks and most importantly, learn from each other.

The new media industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years and will continue to grow exponentially as new technologies are developed and perfected. In order that the independent electronic media of Kosovo keep up with the technological revolution, AMPEK will represent and advocate the interests of its members, and will develop networks and establish cooperation channels among local and international media organizations.

The main objectives of AMPEK are:

AMPEK was engaged in the development and enhancement of media professional standards through the education of managers, journalists, technicians etc. AMPEK has provided several training programs. Trainings were available on the most exigent areas that were identified by the existing reports and the individual contacts with media and their representatives.

Training of managers, conducted so far were focused on commercial management, (as a key element of self-sustaining and profitable business), marketing and market research, (the use of market research to improve sales and marketing and increase profit). Whereas training of editors and journalists were organized in cooperation with the Associations of Journalists. The focus of these trainings was and will be placed in future on training of trainers.

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